1 December 2017

St Jacques with Damascus steel blade

You have the choice between 2 types of martensitic stainless damas 115-160 layers suitable for food contact. They come from twisted bars revealing either the undulations and circles of the “Vinland” pattern, or the very fine welts characteristic of the “Twist” pattern.

You also have the choice for the handle of your St Jacques:

=> Mammoth ivory crust (on order)

Always surprising in its colors and just as reliable as elephant ivory, Mammoth’s defense is a king material in the world of fine cutlery.

Fossilized mammoth ivory is preserved in Siberian permafrost. 10,000 years old, it is a rare material. The heart of the defense keeps its ivory color. The surface on the other hand is loaded with minerals that give it various hues. The shades of the ivory crust change strongly depending on the nature of the soil in which it was found.

=> Blonde-flamed zebu horn tip (immediately available)

=> Buffalo horn crust or other materials (on order)

The classic sheaths in which the scallops are sold, can be replaced by magnificent luxurious duvet lined in ostrich skin dyed green or buffalo skin tinted red.

None of our knives are dishwasher safe.

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