St Jacques with damascus blade

St Jacques with damascus blade

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You have the choice between 2 types of martensitic stainless damas 115-160 layers suitable for food contact. They come from twisted bars showing

the undulations and circles of the “Vinland” pattern,

the very fine welts characteristic of the “Twist” pattern

You also have the choice for the handle of your St Jacques:

=> Mammoth ivory crust

=> Blonde-flamed zebu horn tip (on order)

=> Buffalo horn crust or other materials (on order)

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The classic sheaths in which the scallops are sold, can be replaced by magnificent luxurious duvet lined in ostrich paste dyed green.


Knife length open: 21.5 cm
Length of the knife closed: 12 cm
Length of the edge: 9 cm
Pea of ​​the knife: 90 g

The handle is shaped manually. From one knife to another, the appearance of the handle is never the same because each piece of material is unique.

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