The knife ‘Le St Jacques’ is a reference to the St Jacques de Compostelle path symbolized by the St Jacques shell which you find on this unique knife.

Ressort coquille St Jacques forgée dans la masseThe shell is forged right into the spring block.

The Christian iconography of the shell appeared in the early Middle Ages with the worship of St Jacques. Presumably for symbolic reasons, the shell was chosen as the attribute of the apostle and took his name. Little by little, sewn on the hat, bag or coat, the shell has become the emblem of the pilgrims to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle and even of all pilgrims. In addition to its protective power, the shell allowed to stand out from the other travelers, drink in the fountains or beg for alms. Because in the presence of the St Jacques shell, charity becomes a duty.

Since then, the pilgrims have worn the shell symbol during all their travels.

Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle is today the most famous pilgrimage in the world. More and more travelers join the pilgrims to do that particular spiritual retreat, for the sake of the experiment or to enjoy a long hike in nature.

Pilgrimages are certainly for believers, but not only: they also attract experienced travelers or those who simply want to get away from tourist trips, amateurs of hikes or bike rides and even beginners who wish to be with themselves.

For these privileged moments close to nature, we imagined that the indispensable tool should also be close to nature. This is why each knife Le St Jacques has been conceived with a unique handle made from one of the different kinds of wood that can be found along the St Jacques path: box tree, chestnut tree, broom, juniper, walnut tree, pistachio tree, olive tree.

Les chemins vers St Jacques de Compostelle

This unique knife is not only beautiful; for the hiker, it has to be practical and solid. We thus made the choice of a knife that holds strongly in your hand and of a blade adapted to every possible use when hiking.




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